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UK Staffing: Immediate access to healthcare professionals who meet your needs

Outsourcing the recruitment of executives in the medical sector allows you to save time and concentrate on your missions. It is also a guarantee of quality to sustain your business by recruiting qualified and involved medical staff, contributing to the success of your business. RAPS is the leading staffing agency offering an optimal strategy for recruiting executives in the medical sector.

The main recruiters in the health sector are hospitals, but there are a large number of health establishments or companies where health executives can practice such as private hospitals and clinics, acute care establishments, care structures such as rehabilitation, cancer, palliative centers, etc., psychiatric establishments and retirement homes. The recruitment firm RAPS supports you and assists you in finding suitable profiles for your executive recruitments in the health sector.

Our large pool of nursing staff includes nurses, licensed practical nurses as well as orderlies or personal support workers. We can also provide our clients with the services of other healthcare professionals that they require.

What makes Raps Different Than Other Staffing Agencies?

When hospitals and health care facilities in the UK are short-term short-staffed, they turn to RAPS for reliable solutions. The key principles behind our staffing solutions are to understand the needs of our clients, providing them with qualified healthcare professionals whose skills best meet their needs. Let’s see what differentiates us from other recruitment agencies in the UK:

The specialist firm knows the market well.

RAPS is one of the best staffing agencies in the UK specializing in the medical sector focuses deliberately on this sector of activity and carries out its analysis in a comprehensive manner. Thanks to a realistic and current knowledge of the market, we can also indicate to the candidate in a precise way the salary that he can expect for a given position.

RAPS is in daily contact with healthcare professionals, which enables it to follow market developments in real-time. We can thus effectively advise our clients and obtain a perfect match between the desires, skills, and real needs of each.

We master recruitment and support techniques.

RAPS staffing team has an essential skill that constitutes the heart of his profession: recruitment methods. If the medical establishment wishing to hire does not have a human resources department, it risks wasting time without guarantee of efficiency.

RAPS masters these techniques. We know how to write a perfectly targeted offer, allowing the candidate to precisely know the skills required and position himself or not on it. We are also perfectly familiar with the vocabulary specific to the medical sector and therefore know how to translate exactly the employer's requirements.

The customer relationship is privileged at RAPS, and the requests of both candidates and employers are taken into account. It is an important asset in an environment where the human factor is essential.

Save time and neutrality with the recruitment method.

All the skills and knowledge that RAPS specializing in the medical field can offer is, therefore, the guarantee of precise and efficient recruitment. Our mode of operation saves time and streamlines the market.

The medical placement agency RAPS also positions itself as a neutral partner. Its only mission is to connect the right people with complete objectivity, without judgment. We aim to meet the interests of the candidate as well as those of the employer, both having been objectively heard in their respective needs.

RAPS Consulting Inc is an aggressive, client centric, professional and cost-effective solution to any contract and/or permanent staffing needs. Our 35 years of professional experience is the backbone in running a highly motivated and rewarding organization, where we partner with organizations to understand their on-going staffing challenges and deliver the right resource for the right job and the right cost. 
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