Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (Rpo): The New Recruiting

The outsourcing of the recruitment process (RPO) takes place when all or part of the search and selection process of permanent staff is transferred to an external supplier. An RPO service builds on solid HR experience to improve the efficiency of the Recruiting process itself and its effectiveness in attracting and hiring the best talent.

Today the job market is very large, and finding the best professionals takes a lot of time and resources. Our RPO Consultants are experienced professionals who can help you. For years, RAPS has been delivering innovative recruiting solutions tailored to medium and large organizations around the world. Our vast experience in Outsourcing allows us to quickly reach the target of each challenge, define the critical points and provide tailor-made solutions.

RAPS will become part of your team, working with HR managers and with your brand, respecting your corporate culture, and taking care of all the activities necessary to meet the best talents on the job market.

From the leading solution in the outsourcing market to advanced training proposals of the recruitment processes for the acquisition of talents and tools for internal selection teams, RAPS helps companies to find, recruit and hire collaborators on a global scale thanks to the leadership, technology, and outsourced staffing and recruiting services.

As one of the leading staffing and recruiting companies for outsourcing recruiting processes, RAPS offers the scalability of resources to manage the highs and lows of hiring, accelerating the hiring process with better-quality candidates. By evaluating the results through service level agreements (SLAs) and key performance indicators (KPIs), we are able to mitigate the risks associated with all aspects of the recruitment process.

As an established provider of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), RAPS offers:

  • Solid skills and consultancy in the acquisition of talents, capable of soliciting their impact on company activities;
  • Advanced recruiting methodology to streamline processes and reduce costs;
  • Advanced processing of candidates for any type of salary and working hours;
  • Systematic procurement process with industry professionalism and recruiting expertise.

Our recruiting and staffing services do not imply the outsourcing of the process, but the taking charge of the same "with" the customer (co-sourcing) to help individuals and organizations to realize their potential. It is the team of our dedicated recruiters who, being able to operate according to the client's rules and tools, can carry out the activities of sourcing, searching, and screening remotely.

What Do We Offer ?

Why Choose Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services?

We take care of all the recruiting and administration. In order to provide your company with a mediation service that is not only fast but also of good quality, we do the following.

Human and competent approach, equal

Our personnel consultants know their industry. Thus you are able to speak openly and frankly about needs or concerns.


Our work does not end when the candidates sign the contract. We introduce them to the new job and are available for any questions.

Relationship care

We maintain contact with our candidates, even after an effective placement. In this way, in many cases, we create a long-term relationship of trust.

Our teams work flexibly at your location or one of ours, with a presence that matches your corporate image. Together RAPS develop well-defined recruitment objectives, verified and evaluated on a regular basis.

RAPS Consulting Inc is an aggressive, client centric, professional and cost-effective solution to any contract and/or permanent staffing needs. Our 35 years of professional experience is the backbone in running a highly motivated and rewarding organization, where we partner with organizations to understand their on-going staffing challenges and deliver the right resource for the right job and the right cost. 
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