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The IT sector is full of professional opportunities and for a good reason. It is developing at an accelerating pace, alongside technologies that are revolutionizing the way people and businesses operate. This excitement creates needs among many employers, who are looking for skilled workers and candidates who want to put their skills to good use.
At Rapscorp, the Best IT Staffing Services Agency, our role is to facilitate both the recruitment of candidates for a vacant position and the search for employment in the IT sector. Employers and job seekers can therefore take advantage of several personalized services and advice provided by a team that constantly stands out in its field of expertise.

IT Consulting Service Companies 

Being one of the most prominent consulting services companies, Rapscorp can support you throughout your staff recruitment process. All our consultants are IT specialists and have an extensive network of contacts. This is why many organizations seek our help in finding reliable and knowledgeable staff.
Our technology and IT consultants will assist you in your search. Our headhunting team ensures that the right people are hired for your business. While supporting the adoption of IT profiles, we help build IT departments with technical and competent teams.

We are also present for candidates Do you have questions about our methodology or our team? Our team can act as a true ambassador and promote your application to our many clients. Do you have a career goal, or do you want to occupy a specific position? Let us know, and we'll help you meet this professional challenge. At our, IT professional service companies, all of our consultants are IT, specialists. Expert in recruitment, our team will be able to advise you and meet your expectations.

The finding is edifying: IT profiles barely respond to traditional announcements. The DevOps, developer front office, back office, full-stack, and lead dev, technical project manager, web designer, or data experts are constantly canvassed.

The consultants of the Rapscorp recruitment firm, experts in digital profiles, master this sector; some of them have come from it and have worked in ESNs.

• Our approach is extremely targeted and uniquely oriented towards a direct approach.
• Our knowledge of the sector, its challenges, and specificities allow us to get in touch with the best talents and to evolve with the same technical language.
• Our very fine management of the relationship with the client and the perfect knowledge of the missions allow us to orient our research beyond technical skills and focus on identifying the profiles' personal capacities to integrate and evolve within the structures for which we are recruiting.

An expert approach for over-requested profiles

Why Choose Us

Personalized support

At Rapscorp, the leading IT professional staffing agency, our consultants analyze your jobs and work with you to identify profiles and candidates who meet your criteria, taking into account your budget.

Domain Knowledge

Our recruitment experience ensures that your proposed job profile has the experience and qualities necessary to integrate it into your business.

Fast Recruitment Process

Use our IT Staffing Services Agency to recruit external partners faster. Our candidates can work at your workplace or from their home as per your needs.
RAPS Consulting Inc is an aggressive, client centric, professional and cost-effective solution to any contract and/or permanent staffing needs. Our 35 years of professional experience is the backbone in running a highly motivated and rewarding organization, where we partner with organizations to understand their on-going staffing challenges and deliver the right resource for the right job and the right cost. 
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