Are you looking to fill some permanent positions in your organization without the need for a third party?

RAPS is one of the leading recruitment agencies for direct hire. We will assist you with the hiring and recruitment process, but the employee will be on the company’s payroll once the candidate gets selected.

We know and understand how important it is to best employees, considering how every industry is getting fiercely competitive with technology advancement. The recruitment demands have evolved. This is where we come to your rescue. Our recruiters are trained in passive hiring, which means we are looking for the right candidate for you even when you are not. We are creating the pool so that as soon as the need arises, you have a plethora of talented candidates to choose from.

Together with the hiring managers, we aim to develop result-oriented candidate profiles for your organization to identify the candidates who will benefit the company by providing the best fit for the company. The candidates thus identified are thoroughly vetted about the company’s values and against their roles and responsibilities, even before you can connect with them.

Our goal is to match the skills and make sure that the talented people join the companies that can fully utilize their potential and provide them with the platform to learn and grow. Our targeted sourcing and recruiting approach amalgamated with an extensive screening process ensure that we provide the best talent and fit our culture.

With our extensive experience in sourcing and hiring the best candidates, we will help you implement some of the strategic recruitment techniques to make sure you find the right candidate for the job.

We make use of the right set of tools and techniques, to ensure that right from sourcing to screening to onboarding of candidate is done in the right manager. We vet fully professional candidates that will fit like the piece of the puzzle to your organization. They will be cross-examined against all the requirements so that you only hire the best from the lot.