Just like there are numerous benefits to hiring IT recruitment agencies, which we have covered in our previous blog, there are innumerable misconceptions about the IT staffing industry that make organizations apprehensive about hiring IT professional services.

In today’s blogs, we are going to help you bust some of these common myths so that you can hire the Top IT staffing firms and grow your business with the right candidate provided by credible IT Recruitment agencies.

Let’s begin

All recruitment agencies just send CVs

This is a common belief among the hiring managers that all that the recruitment agencies do is send a plethora of CVs, but that is far from the truth. A reputable IT recruitment agency does more than that. They ensure proper communication with their clients to make sure that the organization finds the right fit. They do so by checking every aspect of hiring the candidate with the prerequisites set by the company. They take regular follow-ups on what should be the qualities of the candidate, what is the salary being offered, and more. On the ground of all these, they filter out CVs that best match the description. They make the hiring manager’s job easier by only sending those CVs that will fit the organization’s demands.

Posting Ads on the Job Board will do the same job

While there is no denying the fact that organizations will attract applicants by posting the requirement on the job boards, what they don’t have is the access to job board’s CV database and strong network which can be provided by Top IT staffing firms. By having access to the database, they can connect the organizations with passive candidates who might not be looking for a job but fit the bill. This can help both the organization as well as the candidates. Second is the network- top IT staffing firms have a wide network which they build over the years with the contractors and permanent employees who possess the skills required by the organization. This means that even without posting a job ad, the IT recruitment agencies will have a list of candidates who will fit the requirement and might be interested in joining the organization. This way the hiring managers will also know how soon they will be able to hire and onboard a candidate.

It is easy to find people looking for a job

Did you know that 70% of the global workforce comprises passive candidates? Yes! So if you are under the impression that you will be able to find the right candidate without assistance, we are sorry to burst your bubble. Competition is aggressive and the population of talented candidates is low, which is why organizations take the wise decision to hire IT recruitment agencies. They come backed with extensive knowledge and experience of having helped businesses, big and small, find the right candidate. Their accessibility to a strong database and wide network comes in handy in finding candidates who will be the best fit for the organization.

Recruitment agencies don’t understand the industry

This will be the case when you hire a generic recruitment agency. This is why we suggest hiring a recruitment agency that holds knowledge and experience in specific industries like IT recruitment agencies. Not only do they have a greater understanding of the industry, but they will also know what skills to look for in the candidate when hunting for them. They will have the knowledge to ask the right questions to make sure that the company is hiring the right fit. Specialist recruitment agencies will have employees under them that thoroughly understand the industry and its intricacies.

Now that you know the looming misconceptions about the IT staffing industry are not true, we recommend you reach out to the best IT professional services like those provided by RAPSCorp. If you are wondering what qualities to look for in IT staffing firms, don’t worry because we have got you covered. Check out our blog section to gain insights into the broadening horizon of IT recruitment agencies.

If you would like to know more about our services, feel free to reach out to our recruitment experts and we will get back to you immediately with the right answer.

Are you planning to switch jobs?
Having trouble finding the right job for your skills and experience?

Then you need a recruiter.

Regardless of which stage of your career you are in, a recruiter can always help you fit in the right organization especially if you are working in the healthcare industry.

Wondering what to look for in the recruiter?

We are here to help you!

Raps Corp brings to you some effective tips to find a recruiter who will stand by your side till you land that dream job.

But before we spill the beans, let’s talk about the types of recruiters you have the option to choose from.

Healthcare Staffing Agencies:

US Healthcare staffing agency can be compared to a temporary recruiter. They will have a large database of the available jobs and their prime focus is serving a high volume of candidates. Raps Corp is one of the top staffing service companies that can help you find the right job.

Contingency Recruiters:

These recruiters fall in the category of healthcare staffing agencies and are only get paid when they land you a job. This is one of the most common categories in which recruiters fall.

Internal Recruiters:

They are employed by an organization and they recruit for them, which is not the case with contingency or staffing agencies who have clients from across the globe.

Retained Search Firms:

Recruiters in these firms hire for C-suite level positions. Your best option to find a job is the US healthcare staffing agencies that can help boost your career by finding you a healthcare organization where you fit.

Having explained that, let’s dive into some effective tips to find the right recruiter for you.

Find Industry Specific Recruiters:

Never and we mean it never go for a recruiters that boast they are jack of all trades otherwise you will end up in a place you will regret. Always seek out help from specific recruiters like those at healthcare staffing agencies. They will come back with extensive experience of having helped candidates in a similar position as yours.

Check Online:

Is there anything that you can’t find answers to by going online? The same is the case here. Look for recruiters in your locality and area by going online. Check the ones with good ratings and contact them. It is important to keep in mind that you have an exhaustive list so that your options are open. Alternatively, you can always look for recommendations from people who have used a recruiter’s service to find their job. By the end of your search, you will have a list of recruiters you can reach out to.

Interview Every Recruiter:

Once you have created a list of recruiters that you find suitable, it’s time to interview each one of them. Your focus should be on how they will access your qualifications, skillset and experience when looking for a job for you. Ask them what their long term retention rates and how often do candidates get placed.Answers to these questions will help you determine recruiter’s abilities and further narrow down your search and hence find the best ones.

Create A Robust Online Profile:

In this world of fast pacing internet service, it has become common for the recruiters to first check whether or not the candidate has a social profile. This is done to know about the background beforehand going forward with the process of getting them hired. This is why it is important for you as a candidate to create and update your social profiles. This helps them know whether or not you are fit for the organization for which they are hiring.

Be Professional:

You know how they say, first impression matters. It is true especially in the case of healthcare recruitment. You not only need to be presentable, but have the ability to well-describe your skill-set and experience so that it can boost the chances of you getting hired for that position.

Keep Your Resume Up To Date:

It is important that your resume has all the details well-updated. Make sure to add the certificates, courses you have done recently to reflect how you are the suitable candidate for the job that is coming at the recruiter’s desk. Make it a point to inform the recruiters that you have completed an ascertain course so that when a job requiring it comes across they will put it in your resume for consideration.

It is important that you understand that finding a good recruiter requires time and patience. These are long lasting and are an important business relationship.


Well, they put their best foot forward and make sure that you are able to work in an environment that matches your talent, and expertise. They make the job hunt process easy, save a plethora of time and ensure that you are provided with the most competitive benefits and pay. Raps Corp is one of the best healthcare staffing agencies that boast of credibility and experience of having helped job seekers around the globe find their dream job without wasting time and being a passive candidate.

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