Careers at RAPS Consulting Inc

Are you looking for an important career? Are you looking for an opportunity to guide you in an exciting new direction? How about rewards that show you are welcome and valued? It looks like you're looking for a job at RAPS Consulting Inc. Whether you are a student, recent graduate or experienced professional, RAPS Consulting Inc has the right opportunity. We aim to build and maintain an inclusive culture that people of all backgrounds value, feel and believe in their ability to belong to the organization.

We put people first. 
Exciting work continues.

Our goal at RAPS Consulting Inc is People. This applies not only to customers but also to employees. We strive to create an employee experience that gives employees the tools and resources they need to perform the most exciting work.

Look at your future. If you wish to work for a company that really invests in your employees, if you are interested in creating a culture of affiliation and innovation, we would like you to be a member of our team.

Your work is important here.

RAPS Consulting Inc is big enough to be stable and strong, but small enough because your work and your opinion are really important. Let’s see why should you join us

Employee Engagement

Every Friday, we do a zoom video call for informal & formal discussions/ virtual fun activities.


Whether it's lunch with the CEO or providing information to the product manager, we're friendly.

Diversity and spaciousness

Add your voice, perspectives, and opinions to already different and global employees.

Work from home opportunity

With the aim to promote flexibility throughout the organization, we do also provide work from home opportunities to our employees.


We believe in appreciating the performance. Every month, the best employee is awarded the title “Employee of the month.”

Culture and privileges

We have a history of creating our own rules in a good way. This is to tackle each challenge with a fresh eye.

Scale and transparency

We are a large, diverse and vibrant family. We are transparent in all aspects of our business.


We find, welcome and support the most talented people in all areas, including different experiences, backgrounds, cultures, genders, life stages, sexual orientations, casts, personality types, creativity, innovation and opportunities for improvement.


We are committed to creating an environment where people are treated fairly and have a fair chance of success by removing barriers and reducing stigma.


We value people's differences, congratulate them and encourage them to work in their full true selves.

Efforts for diversity, justice and attribution

At RAPS Consulting Inc, we put everyone first. We believe that a company will succeed if everyone is respected, all voices are heard, and all employees have the support and resources to thrive as professionals and individuals. We are dedicated to ensuring that our employees are reassured and welcome to bring their true, complete selves to work. Inclusion and diversity are important to us. Employees in all areas in dozens of countries play different roles. By focusing on group meetings and actions, our efforts are to make RAPS Consulting Inc the perfect place for everyone to work.
RAPS Consulting Inc is an aggressive, client centric, professional and cost-effective solution to any contract and/or permanent staffing needs. Our 35 years of professional experience is the backbone in running a highly motivated and rewarding organization, where we partner with organizations to understand their on-going staffing challenges and deliver the right resource for the right job and the right cost. 
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