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We are among the best staffing and recruiting companies. Our staffing and recruitment section helps you with marketing and analytics to locate people that have a strong cultural fit. This not only increases the likelihood of taking positions with the appropriate people for the firm, but it also increases production and efficiency for your enterprises.
Furthermore, our marketing analytics can help you uncover strong applicants even before they become job seekers by merging the natural language processing technology with trends across numerous platforms. Our staffing and recruitment division provides in-depth marketing data that allows you to identify the tangible and intangible successful features of existing staff and help you make an informed decision
RAPS, one of the best staffing and recruiting companies, uses the data-driven strategy to make the best candidate for you. In addition to the employment boards, we integrate social listening, employee reference schemes, and other competent tools and technology to speed up the recruitment process without compromising the candidate's quality.
By analyzing your work requirements well, our leading recruiting and staffing services will develop a source pipeline for the majority of your work and for you to engage with your applicants. We not only look at the present but also think about the future and will ensure that a robust pipeline of bright individuals is developed and maintained. We will keep track of the measurements used for sourcing and recruiting so that you have a clear image so that you can refine your search to maximize the employment rate.

Our permanent recruiting and staffing services automate the complete selection and screening procedure to prevent you from burdening yourself with paperwork. By using a tracking system for applications, we will help you to remove unacceptable applicants so that you only have to contact those with the greatest opportunity to become your next best employee.
Confide in us to undertake the best screening before employment, which ensures that you hire only the right individual for the correct job. From the employment history check to the criminal recruiting companies near me, you will be given the comprehensive recruiting and staffing services for the top-notch screening at the minute’s level.

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What Our Client Says

  • Pelvic rehabilitation started working with RAPS Consulting Inc two months back, and I am happily surprised that they were able to quickly understand our line of business and our niche requirements. RAPS was able to submit qualified candidates with a quick turnaround, further enabling us at Pelvic to expand our business sooner than earlier planned. RAPS has become our preferred vendor and our team loves working with them.

    HR Head, Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine

  • RAPS helped a lot in the hiring process, get the expected package and in getting the joining date as expected.

    Rangarajan S

  • I found RAPS Consulting very much helpful and supportive during the entire recruitment process. They ensured that I was always informed throughout the process with frequent calls. RAPS Consulting made finding a job much easier even in the Pandemic situation. Hence I highly appreciate them.

    Sonal Dolas

  • Working at this facility has taught me a lot of necessary skills needed for outside living.

    Daniel Gomez

  • My experience with RAPS has been very positive. Grishma has been super helpful and responds to any questions or concerns that I have promptly. She also has taken the time to check in with me periodically to see how I am doing and if I am comfortable with my job. I would recommend them

    Jennifer Abrams

  • My experience with RAPS has been great. The people are very nice and helpful. They answer your questions within 24 hours. Overall, I am satisfied.


  • So far, my experience with Raps has been great. The customer service is very helpful and not only have I been able to exchange emails, but also text messages for any assistance I may need. The process through this temp agency has been very smooth and I would recommend it to anyone who is trying to find a job.

    Equipment Technician
    Fortune 100 Financial Client, Michigan, USA

  • I have had a great experience with RAPS Consulting. The team is super friendly and guided me through the entire process in timely manner till I got placed.

    I highly recommend RAPS Consulting to anyone who wants to go to UK on COS.

    Harsimranjeet Kaur | UK

  • I would like to thank RAPS for all their help. I am not good with computers or technology and HR Team at RAPS made the onboarding process very easy for me. I had a lot of questions and they gave me all the answers and directions to complete forms.

    Crew Member at Fortune 
    100 Financial Client, New York, USA

  • Thankyou so much for helping me achieve my dreams. Your advice and Instructions were really helpful. Thankyou for all your support.

    Yeshi Bhatia

  • Thankyou so much for helping me out during my placement process.They guided me in each and every step throughout my processing. RAPS Consulting Inc. is trustworthy and reliable.

    Tina John


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RAPS Consulting Inc is an aggressive, client centric, professional and cost-effective solution to any contract and/or permanent staffing needs. Our 35 years of professional experience is the backbone in running a highly motivated and rewarding organization, where we partner with organizations to understand their on-going staffing challenges and deliver the right resource for the right job and the right cost. 
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